Having installed the ‘Tesla Remote’ app on my iPhone, I got the shortcuts for Siri working and also looked to add a few for my home screen.

Some of the generic icons work well (lock and unlock for example), but I thought I’d re-do some of the app icons, having done that I thought I’d share them out.

I’ve done them with both a black and red background (sampled the red from the Tesla logo). Save these icons on your phone, then you can chose to use them instead of the icons on offer in the Apple Shortcuts App πŸ™‚

This is what they look like on the phone πŸ™‚

3/10/19 – Quick edit to add in the Vent (and close) icons and the Demist icon too, as I’m sure that’ll be available soon πŸ™‚

9/1/20 – Quick edit to add in Heated steering wheel and Sentry mode on/off