Whilst I was waiting for my Model 3 to arrive, I thought I should work out how much it would cost to charge at home and run.

I’ve now since expanded this spreadsheet to cover off multiple variants of Model 3, Model S and Model X.

All you need to know to use it, is which car you’ve got (!), starting and ending charge (drop down options), your rates for both day and night (or special EV rate depending on provider) and how long that window is. If you put that data in, you’ll then get a fairly good estimate on how much it’ll cost to charge up and run your car.

The calculation takes into consideration a 6.5% charging loss (based on data from real users) and range data from Teslike, which is data sourced from real users, rather than the over ambitious ranges Tesla have to tell us.

Hopefully this helps understand some of the costs and maybe even helps you convince your company / a loved one / anyone that will listen that a Tesla is the right choice for you 🙂

Click here to visit the dynamic sheet: How much will it cost to charge and run my Tesla from home

There are three tabs at the bottom for Model 3, S and X.

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