Having waited for Tesla’s own PCP deals to materialise for a while, I started instead getting lease quotes. Looking back, I’d never had any intention of buying any of the cars I’d ever got via PCP, it was often just presented as the cheapest way to get into the car I was looking to purchase at the time.

Having had an excellent quote from OctopusEV (via Cyril – if you email him for a quote, let him know I sent you!), I finally placed my order on the 19th June 2019. I opted for a black Performance Model 3, black interior, with the performance add on pack. In the wait for my car to arrive, I’ve ended up joining two forums and two facebook groups, all of which have been really helpful;

SpeakEV, Tesla Motors Club, FB – Model 3+Y UK Reservations & FB – Model 3 UK Owners

In doing so, I’ve been trying to help out by creating some online Calculators in Google Sheets. If you are thinking of leasing a Tesla Model 3 in the UK, these might be of use;

Useful calculators

Tesla Model 3 OctopusEV Lease (PCH) vs Tesla PCP – This allows you compare some quotes from OctopusEV against the BlackHorse PCP deal. The calculator lets you specific the miles you actually do a year to work out the excess milage fees. OctopusEV rates are very low for excess miles at 4.4p for the first 10k and 6.6p thereafter.

Tesla Model 3 OctopusEV PCH excess milage calculator – If you’ve already had your quote from Octopus and want to work out how much you’ll end up paying in excess milage charges, put your quote details in and the miles you’re expecting to do and it’ll work out the rest 🙂

Tesla Model 3 cost to charge at home calculator – The calculator assumes you have a home charger (not the mains plug included) that charges at 7 kWh. Input your Economy 7 or EV rate, standard / day rate and the hours you get your cheaper electricity and work out how much it’ll add to your electricity bill.

How to find your ‘hidden’ VIN

When cars are either placed on ship at SFO or arrive in Zeebrugge VIN’s are allocated out to customers. Before you get your final invoice etc.. the VIN number of your car can be hidden in the source code of your Manage my order page.

To find it, view the source of the page (you may need to enable developer tools) and search either for insured (to find insuredVIN or 5YJ) if you have a VIN it’ll be to the left of the insuredVIN field within the page

– Sadly I don’t have my VIN yet, so can’t show you an example without stealing an image.

Free supercharger miles

If you’ve found any of the above useful and are considering placing an order, using my referral code will get us both 1000 free supercharger miles to use in our Tesla’s and also entered into a raffle to win both a Model Y and a new Roadster.


Or pass on my referrer code to your lease provider: dave11603

Thanks for reading

More to follow when I create more content and when the car arrives, until then I’ll be on the forums, in the groups.

It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine 😀