A history of Angry Badger – 2004 / 2005

My first band and longest serving one so far was Angry Badger. For no other reason than I have lots of MP3’s, pictures and some videos, I thought I’d document the history of the ‘badger.

Originally started by myself, a mad unreliable punk drummer called Dan and a guy from works brother called Egor some point in late 2004, we were initially nameless, toying with all sorts of names, including the Dead Zebra’s (just imagine the logo!). We recruited another guy from work to sing for a while called Tristan, but he was more doing it to stop us from keeping on at him, we played some covers (badly) just for fun, myself and Egor regularly swapping guitar and bass duty’s depending on the song (I could play slap bass, Egor was better at guitar solo’s!). Dan became increasingly unreliable, so we recruited for a drummer online and met a fantastic player (who’d even played in front of Chad Smith at drum school) called Adam.

Once Adam was recruited, we needed to find a permanent singer, who could sing more than Green Day covers.

It was during this time, the name Angry Badger was chosen, it actually came from a story a guy at work (Flan) told me, about how one drunken night, on the way home from the pub, they decided to ‘hedge hop’ their way home, to save time (as you do). A few gardens in, Flan was confronted by ‘a big f*ck off badger’ that was snarling and swiping at him, the name was chosen!! Adam being quite the artist sketched up the logo:

Back to ‘Forming Bands’ and we auditioned a guy called Phil C (the C is important, more Phil’s later), the audition was […]

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GoPro Hero – First person band video

Having recently purchased a GoPro Hero, mainly for messing around with the dogs and the band, I decided to give it a test run with my band. We each took it in turn to wear the GoPro with a head mount and play the same song four times over (Plug In Baby).

I then crudely stitched this together (we played it live, not to a backing track). So, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be in a band called Honey Badger and play Plug In Baby by Muse, it’s your lucky day!


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