Angry Badger – Re-recorded, remastered and re-released.

You can stream the new version of the E.P on most popular streaming platforms.

Last year, on the 10th ‘anniversary’ (I think I was the only one that remembered / gave any thought to it) of the “Attack of the 50ft Badger” E.P I released a new version of the E.P, including new drums, re-recorded guitar and bass lines.

The original E.P was recorded in 2009 in a local village hall and the spare bedroom of the Maisonette I was living in at the time. Myself and Jon recorded the live guitar and drum tracks in the village hall (7 piece drum mic set, SM57 against the Marshall TSL I had at the time). The bass and vocals were then recorded in the spare room. A vocal booth / cupboard and Sansamp’d bass.

I had no idea what I was doing at the time, all the gear and no idea! Was never really that happy with it (recording, no the songs), but was good to get something out at the time.

Fast forward 10 years, I’d sold and re-bought various items of recording gear, but more importantly moved completely digital for guitar (Kemper) and treated myself to Superior Drummer 3 (having really enjoyed using EZ Drummer).

The drum tracking and quality of the drum samples in Superior Drummer 3 are incredible. The drum tracking for bass drum, snare and floor toms, was near enough spot on, some minor corrections and it was perfect.

Jon’s playing was fantastic on the recordings, the recording itself had always let the sound down. I couldn’t do the same for the cymbals as I hadn’t tracked them separately, fortunately after some YouTube / Google researched I managed to EQ them to sound […]

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A history of Angry Badger – 2009

We enter January with the final ‘badger line-up, the only thing that’s really changed is that Phil has started to bring a guitar along.

I bought the camera along one practice in January to get some new photo’s for the website and Facebook:

We carried on practicing, writing new material and getting gigs booked up, the first one booked was at The Horn Reborn. We were well rehearsed and the poster was even made:

Sadly the weather took a turn for the worse and thick snow fell on the 3rd of Feb so we pulled out of the gig.

The next gig we had lined up was Club 85 on the 7th of March

The gig went well, the lineup was a bit more inline with our style of music instead of putting us on with the usual lot of terrible indie bands with bad shoes and cravats

This brings us to the Green Room gig, definitely Rob’s Angry Badger ‘career highlight’

On the run up to the gig, I’d managed to speak to Chris Evans on Radio 2 (drive time), told him and the listeners about the gig and then requested ‘The boys are back in town’. Further to this, I’d also got in contact with the Welwyn and Hatfield times and got an article about us published including details of the gig

So you’d have thought with a gig this well publicised the Green Room would have been full of people… as it turns out, the pub below (The Doctors Tonic – as featured in ‘The Worlds End’) was very busy, because they had a covers band in for free that night, where as to see us and the two other originals bands upstairs people would have had to pay. Suffice […]

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A history of Angry Badger – 2008

We finished the end of 2007 recruiting a new bass player, after Phil F decided he just couldn’t find the time any more, back to our familiar haunt of Forming Bands we met Keith. We wasted no time getting Keith up to speed adding some funk from Keith’s slap bass stylings to some of the original tunes, and crafted a new one called “The Dentist” a lovely song about pervy dentists.

We decided to record an E.P at London Road Studio’s, we recorded 5 tracks in total and named the E.P “Robot Love”

Here’s me doing the scream intro to “Stop The Bells”

It hurt, a lot lolFilmed through the control room (I'm in the "live room")

Posted by Angry Badger on Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Here are those 5 tracks:

We actually had Prey played on BBC 3 Counties radio – Quite a cool moment, we heard them play it live whilst we were at London Road Studios in the middle of a rehearsal!

Some photos from Feb 2008:

With some new songs ready to go, we got our first gig booked for Club 85, the poster this time was inspired from the “The Man Who Eats Badgers and Other Strange Tales from Bodmin Moor” Arthur Boyt.

This also made it as a t-shirt design (not that anyone bought one).

The gig went well (we got invited back later, so it can’t have been that bad!).

I can’t embed videos from Facebook, so here’s a couple of links to two video’s from the Angry Badger page:

Taken at Club 85 of the 7th of March. Thanks Marc! 🙂

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Taken at Club 85, March 7th 2008. Thanks Marc 🙂

Posted by Angry Badger on Sunday, 9 March 2008

I don’t think it was long the Club 85 gig that Keith decided that our music was getting heavier, where he hoped it’d get funkier, so it was back to the internet when we met Rob AKA Bass Balls! Rob was another funky player, but also with a love of heavier rock, the perfect combo! We were again back on form […]

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A history of Angry Badger – 2007

The lineup remains the same, for now anyway!

I don’t remember exactly what we did at the start of the year, but in February I put together the Badgercaster, basically my already mutilated SQ Series Squire (if you know what these are, I’m sorry) got changed to a one pickup rock machine with a built in homemade Fuzz Factory clone pedal. In truth I only used it live a coupe of times, mainly to end a set with some serious noise before ‘Strange Case’.

Moving along to the 13th of March, we played the first heat of a Battle Of The Bands competition at the Horn Reborn in St. Albans, this was the first gig where I thought people actually ‘got us’, people we didn’t know were getting into our music, in the video you can see some people head banging along, nice!

We got a fair amount of people along to this gig to support us, was a good turn out, we have photos and videos from this event. You’ll notice some t-shirts I’d made up and given out to our friends:

This was the gig we debuted Stop The Bells, which seemed to be well received. I’d even made up a couple of specific logos for that and Iron Clad, for the MySpace MP3 player I believe.

We actually won the heat (they announced this around 1 am whilst we were loading up our cars). We then had to perform in the semi-finals, but more on that later.

In parallel we were recording our second E.P, not sure what inspired it, but I came up with ‘Undercover Death Funk’, I think I was trying to start my own genre.

This E.P was done round a friend of Mark’s house, he […]

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A history of Angry Badger – 2006

As Angry Badger moves into 2006, the lineup remains Me (guitar), Phil C (vocals), Phil F (bass) and Mark (drums). We continue to write new material and rehearse at Farm Factory studios in Welwyn

The aim was to keep writing original material, the style we were aiming for was ‘funk / rock’, which later developed into ‘heavy funk / rock’, some recordings from our practice sessions. Some of these were recorded mic’d up, others just with a basic recording device in the room

Once we had the songs tight, we decided to record an E.P, so we’d have something half decent to hand out to to promoters / get gigs. We recorded the album in Offley Village hall, using a guy I met on the Muse forum (Gareth)! I took these photos, so that’s why I’m not featured at all ?

Whilst in the Village Hall, we noticed a poster for a children’s entertainer called “The Sausage Man”, the name of the E.P was chosen! – “Don’t Trust The Sausage Man” (who the hell would hire a children’s entertainer called The Sausage Man!?!)

We ran out of time on the day, so had to do one more guitar track at Farm Factory, after that Gareth finished the tracks and we had our first E.P

With our E.P in hand, I set out to try and get us some gigs, the first (and my first gig ever!) was at the ‘Best Of Local’ event, from the photos I have, it was on the 6th November 2006. I don’t know which BOL night it was as I’ve lost the flyer. It was a ‘pay to play’ gig, where we had to sell a certain number of tickets (20 I believe). The gig was […]

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