Tesla Model 3 UK collection – checklist and other important information

If you are nearly ready to collect your new Tesla Model 3, then congratulations! It’s an amazing car to own and drive 🙂

However, you will need to be prepared for the handover process, as it tends to be a little different from a regular car pickup. There is sometimes some minor damage from the car being transported and some other known issues.

One VERY important thing to know, is that you only have 100 miles in which to report minor damage. Items such as stone chips and scratches need to be reported before 100 miles for Tesla to help you. This does not include big paint defects, anything outside of normal wear and tear will still be covered past 100 miles.

Check your car over throughly, take as much time as you need. If you feel you pressured to move on, park up out in some daylight on the way home and finish off the checks (maybe at your first supercharge :)). Should you find anything, ensure you report it via the Schedule Service section in your app!

One other thing not covered in the check list is the brake fluid levels. Please ask that this is checked (the brake fluid reservoir is under the service panel in the ‘frunk’). There has been a known issue (my car included) where the low brake fluid warning came on until topped up. This has the unfortunate side affect of stopping hill hold and autopilot from working.

For the rest of the checks, I’d advise printing the check list and if possible take a friend of family member to help you run through the list so you don’t miss anything in the excitement!

Here’s the list (in PDF for printing or word […]

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Tesla shortcut icons for your iPhone

Having installed the ‘Tesla Remote’ app on my iPhone, I got the shortcuts for Siri working and also looked to add a few for my home screen.

Some of the generic icons work well (lock and unlock for example), but I thought I’d re-do some of the app icons, having done that I thought I’d share them out.

I’ve done them with both a black and red background (sampled the red from the Tesla logo). Save these icons on your phone, then you can chose to use them instead of the icons on offer in the Apple Shortcuts App 🙂

This is what they look like on the phone 🙂

3/10/19 – Quick edit to add in the Vent (and close) icons and the Demist icon too, as I’m sure that’ll be available soon 🙂

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How to use a Pi Zero W to record and auto upload Tesla Cam and Sentry Mode videos to Google Drive!

Not the snappiest of titles, but it covers what we are trying to achieve! Some very smart people have worked out how to make your Tesla believe your Pi Zero W is a USB drive, this then uploads your saved clips and Sentry mode events to either a local NAS or Online service when you connect to WiFi.

This guide focuses on getting the sync to work to Google Drive, as the NAS transfer seems to work off the bat with the headless setup guide found on the Marcone teslausb github page linked below.

The instructions I’ve based this off have come from:https://github.com/marcone/teslausbhttps://github.com/marcone/teslausb/blob/main-dev/doc/SetupRClone.mdI’ve then filled in the blanks from lots of googling and a discussion thread on the https://teslamotorsclub.com forum.

Here we go!

First off, you will need;Raspberry Pi Zero W & Case Micro SD Card – 64gb (£10.58 at time of writing) – 128gb (£16.42 at time of writing)Micro USB lead to connect it to the carPurchases via these links give a kick back to the Tesla Owners Group UK who use these funds to do great charity work.

Next you will need to grab the image from Gitlab, the Marcone fork is what I’ve used and seems to the most frequently updated. https://github.com/marcone/teslausbI’d suggest grabbing the image file and burning it to your micro SD card, on my Mac, I used ‘ApplePi-Baker’

Once the image is on the micro SD card, on your laptop or desktop edit the “wpa_supplicant.conf.sample” file and replace your WiFi details within the quotation marks in the below section:network={ ssid=”YOURSSID (Wifi name)” psk=”YOURPASSWORD (to connect to the Wifi network)” key_mgmt=WPA-PSK }

Once done, exit and save the file, rename it to remove the .sample, so the new file should […]

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Tesla Model 3 Performance ownership – Two weeks in

I collected my car on the 9th of August from Telsa Heathrow (West Drayton), here’s some thoughts and pictures from the day and some notes on ownership over the last two weeks.

from West Drayton went really well, Cyril from OctopusEV picked me up from West
Drayton station (he asked if he could, rather than this being a pre-req), we
grabbed some breakfast then headed over to Tesla. We helped ourselves to a
bottle of water each and waited to called.

The lovely Beth showed me to the car, paired up my phone and walked me through the basic controls. I then had as much time as I needed to walk round the car and work through my check list. Cyril helped me look over everything on the car and the list, on site we could see no paint issues, no panel gap issues and no problems with the interior. After a quick photo with the Octopus (and a whole host of other goodies from Octopus stashed away in the boot) it was time to head off.

Cyril from OctopusEV and me at West Drayton on collection day.

Autopilot was configured by the time I hit the motorway, so I had a nice drive back with the car doing the majority of the leg work 😀

I then headed to my brothers place to take him out for a spin on the way home, like everyone who goes in one of these, he couldn’t believe the thump you get when launching, he was also really impressed with the car full stop. He and my nephew were also cracking up with the whoopi cushion! Then headed home and took my daughter out and my mum who’d been looking after her, both really […]

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Tesla Model 3 UK – Calculators and useful links

Having waited for Tesla’s own PCP deals to materialise for a while, I started instead getting lease quotes. Looking back, I’d never had any intention of buying any of the cars I’d ever got via PCP, it was often just presented as the cheapest way to get into the car I was looking to purchase at the time.

Having had an excellent quote from OctopusEV (via Cyril – if you email him for a quote, let him know I sent you!), I finally placed my order on the 19th June 2019. I opted for a black Performance Model 3, black interior, with the performance add on pack. In the wait for my car to arrive, I’ve ended up joining two forums and two facebook groups, all of which have been really helpful;

SpeakEV, Tesla Motors Club, FB – Model 3+Y UK Reservations & FB – Model 3 UK Owners

In doing so, I’ve been trying to help out by creating some online Calculators in Google Sheets. If you are thinking of leasing a Tesla Model 3 in the UK, these might be of use;

Useful calculators

Tesla Model 3 OctopusEV Lease (PCH) vs Tesla PCP – This allows you compare some quotes from OctopusEV against the BlackHorse PCP deal. The calculator lets you specific the miles you actually do a year to work out the excess milage fees. OctopusEV rates are very low for excess miles at 4.4p for the first 10k and 6.6p thereafter.

Tesla Model 3 OctopusEV PCH excess milage calculator – If you’ve already had your quote from Octopus and want to work out how much you’ll end up paying in excess milage charges, put your quote details in and the miles you’re expecting to […]

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