Tesla Model 3 Performance ownership – Two weeks in

I collected my car on the 9th of August from Telsa Heathrow (West Drayton), here’s some thoughts and pictures from the day and some notes on ownership over the last two weeks.

from West Drayton went really well, Cyril from OctopusEV picked me up from West
Drayton station (he asked if he could, rather than this being a pre-req), we
grabbed some breakfast then headed over to Tesla. We helped ourselves to a
bottle of water each and waited to called.

The lovely Beth showed me to the car, paired up my phone and walked me through the basic controls. I then had as much time as I needed to walk round the car and work through my check list. Cyril helped me look over everything on the car and the list, on site we could see no paint issues, no panel gap issues and no problems with the interior. After a quick photo with the Octopus (and a whole host of other goodies from Octopus stashed away in the boot) it was time to head off.

Cyril from OctopusEV and me at West Drayton on collection day.

Autopilot was configured by the time I hit the motorway, so I had a nice drive back with the car doing the majority of the leg work 😀

I then headed to my brothers place to take him out for a spin on the way home, like everyone who goes in one of these, he couldn’t believe the thump you get when launching, he was also really impressed with the car full stop. He and my nephew were also cracking up with the whoopi cushion! Then headed home and took my daughter out and my mum who’d been looking after her, both really […]

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Tesla Model 3 UK – Calculators and useful links

Having waited for Tesla’s own PCP deals to materialise for a while, I started instead getting lease quotes. Looking back, I’d never had any intention of buying any of the cars I’d ever got via PCP, it was often just presented as the cheapest way to get into the car I was looking to purchase at the time.

Having had an excellent quote from OctopusEV (via Cyril – if you email him for a quote, let him know I sent you!), I finally placed my order on the 19th June 2019. I opted for a black Performance Model 3, black interior, with the performance add on pack. In the wait for my car to arrive, I’ve ended up joining two forums and two facebook groups, all of which have been really helpful;

SpeakEV, Tesla Motors Club, FB – Model 3+Y UK Reservations & FB – Model 3 UK Owners

In doing so, I’ve been trying to help out by creating some online Calculators in Google Sheets. If you are thinking of leasing a Tesla Model 3 in the UK, these might be of use;

Useful calculators

Tesla Model 3 OctopusEV Lease (PCH) vs Tesla PCP – This allows you compare some quotes from OctopusEV against the BlackHorse PCP deal. The calculator lets you specific the miles you actually do a year to work out the excess milage fees. OctopusEV rates are very low for excess miles at 4.4p for the first 10k and 6.6p thereafter.

Tesla Model 3 OctopusEV PCH excess milage calculator – If you’ve already had your quote from Octopus and want to work out how much you’ll end up paying in excess milage charges, put your quote details in and the miles you’re expecting to […]

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Koa topped Strat with a solid rosewood neck

After building the maple/walnut Tele, I decided I needed another rosewood necked guitar in my life, I troubled GSPBASSES with my idea for a hardtail (same Schaller bridge as on the Tele) Strat style guitar, with a fancy top (once I saw the Koa top, I had to have it!) routed for a P90 and humbucker with a rosewood neck that had a 70’s style large headstock.

This is how it arrived with me

As per the Tele, the plan was to finish with Eze oil and wax for a smooth natural looking finish. Before oiling, the neck was sent off to Rothko and Frost to have my signature CNC’d (abalone again) into the headstock.

With the neck away, I started oiling the body. I sanded the body smooth first then set to work

Once the first coat of oil was dry (Eze oil feels dry / hard quite quick, but I tend to leave 24 hours to be safe) I de-nibbed the finish using 0000 wire wool and set to work on the second coat, with the oil on the koa looks amazing in the light

This is how it looked once the 2nd coat had dried under the light

I de-nibbed again and applied the 3rd coat of oil. I then left the body to harden for a week. Once the oil was fully cured I applied two coats of Briwax, I did this by liberally applying the wax with 0000 wire wool then buff off. The photos make it look shinier than it is, in real life it’s more of a deep finish than the glassy looking one you see in the photos

With the body complete, the neck arrived back from Rothko and Frost, the first […]

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‘Fancy’ Surfmaster – JM partscaster build in Surfburst

I’d wanted to put together a Jazzmaster guitar for a while, but had a few false starts, I then got offered a ‘B grade’ JM kit from GSPBASSES at a price it was impossible to ignore.

I knew already I wanted the guitar to be ‘Surfburst’ having seen an aged/relic’d version in Coda music, I then found some images of original ones.

Rather than use the standard not so great bridge, I opted for a roller bridge from Wilkinson, this meant that I would have to modify the pickguard and enlarge the bridge holes in the body. I went for a relatively cheap trem as I’m not planning on using the trem much, ordered a parchment pickguard from eBay, then drilled out the holes that secured the trem and guard to the body.

I then had to drill out the bridge post holes and enlarge the bridge holes on the pickguard. This was done on my grandads drill press, I measured everything about 20 times I think before committing to drilling the holes.

I also drilled out the strap button holes which was the last thing to do before the body was ready for sending away for paint.

The back of the neck (up to where the headstock transition starts) was finished with Ezeoil, it’s great to work with and feels amazing once finished with wax. I also drilled out the tuner holes, string guide and rolled the fretboard edges.

The body and neck were then sent off to Rich for paint with some reference images of the Surfburst finish I was after. Along with a suitable decal for the headstock.

With the body and neck gone, the pickups were ordered from Mojo along with the wiring harness.

As per […]

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How to create a Light/Dark Mode shortcut for macOS Mojave (with a nice icon!)

A great as Light/Dark mode is, changing it via setting is a bit of a pain, so here’s a quick guide on how to do that with Automator and update the icon for it so it looks good in the task bar 🙂

First off, lets create the automation;

Launch Automator from the Applications menu

Select ‘New Document’

Choose ‘Application’

Choose ‘Utilities’ from the Library

Then click and drag ‘Change System Appearance’ to the area with the grey bar that says “Drag actions of files here to build your workflow.”

The default option should be ‘Toggle Light / Dark’

You can at this point press the play icon to test, or just skip straight to saving. Choose File > Save

Give it a useful name like Light / Dark and make sure it’s saving in the Applications folder

You now have a working switcher! But lets get rid of the robot icon and put something more relevant

Save one of the below images I’ve made that best suits your machine – There’s the iMac Pro, iMac and MacBook Pro



Open the image in Preview (not just previewing with the space bar) and choose Edit > Copy

Open Finder, go to Applications, right click on your new Light / Dark application and click ‘Get info’

Click on the robot icon, it’ll show it’s selected by getting a blue outline

Then command+V to paste your new icon in

You can now close down the info screen and drag your new icon to the dock

When you first run it, you will likely receive the following message

Click OK and it shouldn’t bother you again, happy switching!



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