Pink Paisley Tele build

August 7th 2014

Always fancied a Pink Paisley, I started searching for them again after seeing the one for sale on here and found out that Allparts make a licensed PP body

More searching later, the UK price was £600+, I ordered via eBay one of the USA sellers, after paying VAT on it today, it came to just under £400, which is still a lot, but the quality is amazing!

Here it is as it arrived, next to a very special neck (it’s like a piece of art!) I got from GSPBASSES as part of a Tele thin line partscaster

Not letting my lack of skill or knowledge get in my way, I started measuring out, ready to drill the holes for the pick guard I’d sourced, bridge and control plate. After measuring / checking the pick guard and bridge layout about 10 times, I was ready for drilling (held steady with lots of masking tape)

Some nervous drilling later

Pretty happy with how it went, the control plate isn’t perfectly straight, but more than good enough!

I got the closest pink I could find mixed up in Halfords today to go on the bottom of the pick guard, but that’s not to be done until I decide what neck to use, as that will likely involve modifying the pick guard with the Dremel to allow a 22 fret neck to fit in place. More on that in a bit.

I then turned the guitar over and fitted the ferrules

So the neck, I originally planned to use an Allparts TMO-C, I bought one and a Wudtone vintage yellow kit, but sadly my impatience and lack of skill originally made a bit of a pigs ear out of it, I’ve recovered most of […]

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Monterey Pop Stratocaster build

September 19th 2015

Following on from a thread I made on TheFretboard forums (Monterey Pop Waterslide graphics), I had a bit of a ‘bee in my bonnet’ about how I could get a decent Monterey Pop inspired Strat.

The initial plan was to source a Strat body, get it painted (by the very talented Ceri Rendall) up to the pre clear layer, get it posted back, I’d get a local arty friend to paint it by hand, then ship it back to Rich to get it clear coated.

With a price for the spraying agreed, I sourced a Strat body from here, very rough round the edges, but a decent price with the bridge etc..

I got this shipped over to Rich and then started looking out for a neck, before even trying to see what was around, I pinged a message to GSPBASSES as luck would have it, he had two Strat necks available

The obvious downside (for this build) were the big headstocks, Grahame was confident he could get it to the ‘normal’ shape, so I picked neck 2 (22 fret top adjustable truss rod), Grahame worked his magic and adjusted the headstock

Neck paid for, I then ordered up the vintage yellow Wudtone kit (after posting on here for examples of it being used).

In the middle of this, myself and Rich were talking via email and he fancied having a go at doing the Monterey graphics, the original plan was to free hand, then Rich saw the graphics I’d done and we went back to the waterslide route, but with the colour sections hand painted in (so the blues would show up properly).

So, graphics sent to Rich, also bought a new scratch plate and some paint from the Warhammer […]

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Custom Explorer project

July 23rd 2014

After hankering for a Gibson Explorer again last year, (I’d had a Gibson Government Explorer on order, sadly Gibson treats the UK like the poor relation at times and we never got any (or anywhere else in Europe as far as I can tell)). I noticed this weekend that Precision Guitars have finally started to offer an Explorer guitar kit, I emailed Phil (at Precision) straight away to see if they could accommodate my Custom Explorer idea.

I’d been wanting a Gibson Explorer in the style / spec of my Alpine White Les Paul Custom since the moment I saw Lzzy Hales Signature guitar (sadly, not in production), her one is almost right, but has a bit too much gold for my tastes (inspiration as per the image at the top of this blog entry).

Phil quickly confirmed it was possible, a build sheet was drafted and money was exchanged, the build should be finished within 4-5 weeks, then shipped from America.

My order with Precision:


3-4pc White Limba body
Routed for dual Humbuckers
Drilled for TOM bridge and stop tailpeice
Wiring channels and jack hole drilled


Quartersawn White Limba neck
12″ Radius Indian Rosewood fretboard
6mm position markers
Dual action truss rod
22 Jescar medium jumbo 45/100 frets
2.5 degree neck angle
9 degree headstock angle
10mm tuner holes
Medium “C” neck back profile. (.87″ @ 1st / .97″ @ 12th)

Custom Extras

Ebony fretboard with Block markers
7 ply binding on the top of the body (the option was available for the back too, but decided against it)
7 or 5 ply (TBC at time of writing) binding on the headstock
White binding on the neck

The next steps are to start ordering parts, the shopping […]

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A history of Angry Badger – 2009

We enter January with the final ‘badger line-up, the only thing that’s really changed is that Phil has started to bring a guitar along.

I bought the camera along one practice in January to get some new photo’s for the website and Facebook:

We carried on practicing, writing new material and getting gigs booked up, the first one booked was at The Horn Reborn. We were well rehearsed and the poster was even made:

Sadly the weather took a turn for the worse and thick snow fell on the 3rd of Feb so we pulled out of the gig.

The next gig we had lined up was Club 85 on the 7th of March

The gig went well, the lineup was a bit more inline with our style of music instead of putting us on with the usual lot of terrible indie bands with bad shoes and cravats

This brings us to the Green Room gig, definitely Rob’s Angry Badger ‘career highlight’

On the run up to the gig, I’d managed to speak to Chris Evans on Radio 2 (drive time), told him and the listeners about the gig and then requested ‘The boys are back in town’. Further to this, I’d also got in contact with the Welwyn and Hatfield times and got an article about us published including details of the gig

So you’d have thought with a gig this well publicised the Green Room would have been full of people… as it turns out, the pub below (The Doctors Tonic – as featured in ‘The Worlds End’) was very busy, because they had a covers band in for free that night, where as to see us and the two other originals bands upstairs people would have had to pay. Suffice […]

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A history of Angry Badger – 2008

We finished the end of 2007 recruiting a new bass player, after Phil F decided he just couldn’t find the time any more, back to our familiar haunt of Forming Bands we met Keith. We wasted no time getting Keith up to speed adding some funk from Keith’s slap bass stylings to some of the original tunes, and crafted a new one called “The Dentist” a lovely song about pervy dentists.

We decided to record an E.P at London Road Studio’s, we recorded 5 tracks in total and named the E.P “Robot Love”

Here’s me doing the scream intro to “Stop The Bells”

It hurt, a lot lolFilmed through the control room (I'm in the "live room")

Posted by Angry Badger on Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Here are those 5 tracks:

We actually had Prey played on BBC 3 Counties radio – Quite a cool moment, we heard them play it live whilst we were at London Road Studios in the middle of a rehearsal!

Some photos from Feb 2008:

With some new songs ready to go, we got our first gig booked for Club 85, the poster this time was inspired from the “The Man Who Eats Badgers and Other Strange Tales from Bodmin Moor” Arthur Boyt.

This also made it as a t-shirt design (not that anyone bought one).

The gig went well (we got invited back later, so it can’t have been that bad!).

I can’t embed videos from Facebook, so here’s a couple of links to two video’s from the Angry Badger page:

Taken at Club 85 of the 7th of March. Thanks Marc! 🙂

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Taken at Club 85, March 7th 2008. Thanks Marc 🙂

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I don’t think it was long the Club 85 gig that Keith decided that our music was getting heavier, where he hoped it’d get funkier, so it was back to the internet when we met Rob AKA Bass Balls! Rob was another funky player, but also with a love of heavier rock, the perfect combo! We were again back on form […]

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