Walnut and maple capped Tele with a solid rosewood neck

November 17th 2016

When I saw that GSPBASSES (on theFretboard forum) had made a solid rosewood neck, I had to have one 🙂

I’ve had it a couple of months now, it’s a thing of beauty:

So with this beautiful neck, I needed something special to go with it. I’d found a body in the states that I liked the look of, so tasked Graham with making something similar, but routed for a neck P90 and bridge humbucker. Was working out what bridge to get and it turned out Graham had something in stock for me

I spec’d it with Grahams easy access neck pocket and a belly carve, it turned up yesterday and it really is a thing of beauty!


Both of them together

Next steps, aquire some EZE Oil – turns out there is a Morrells very close by. Decide on the pickups, send the neck off for the custom inlay I’ve ordered up (inlay pocket to be precision routed in the headstock) and start putting it together.

Can’t wait to see it all finished!

December 6th 2016

Bit of progress, the logo of my signature has been made and the pocket cut out in the headstock

The bad news is that the headstock got dropped / chucked by the courier on the way there, I think / hope it’s repairable.

Neck should be back with me before the weekend, hopefully I can finally start oiling etc.. once I’ve drilled out the neck holes / aligned the neck

December 7th 2016

Neck arrived today, fixed the dent, then got to work 🙂

Rolled the fretboard edges (one side for comparison)

Then glued in the logo

As long as I’ve recovered from the work party hangover, I’ll sand that flush this weekend and get on with neck alignment / drilling […]

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79’ish Superstrat build

May 12th 2016

Won’t be properly starting this one until the V is finished, but the body and neck from GSPBASSES arrived yesterday

The plan is to make a 79′ Style ‘Super Strat’ guitar, target burst with a “closet classic” type finish, so some checking and hopefully slightly darker lacquer.

Guitar kit is a European flame ash body routed for SSH and a large headstock neck with rosewood ‘board.

First purchases will be neck plate and screws, black SSH guard and trem

May 14th 2016

First job done today, rolled fretboard

Big fan of how they feel, so set to work with a large and small screwdriver.

Before (lovely crisp edges as you’d expect from GSP)


June 1st 2016

Decal arrived today

June 18th 2016

Bit more progress:

Managed to chew up some tuner screws and two bridge screws, so replacements ordered. Guessing those screws are made from old KitKat wrappers.

More excitingly, pickups from Oil City ordered. Masterwounds, Neck and middle Route 66’s and an uncovered Beano bridge. Also plumped for an Oil City wiring harness

August 28th 2016

Some progress

I’ve had the ‘pups and wiring harness from Oil City for a while now ready to go.

Rich (Rich Rendall) is making excellent progress:

Cant wait to to see this all put together

September 11th 2016

Getting close now

September 28th 2016

Arrived now, hoping to start assembling tonight

September 29th 2016

It’s assembled, but in need of a proper setup, which I’ll try and get sorted early next week.

Amazing paint by Rich Rendall (no surprises there )

September 30th 2016

Played it through the Kemper this morning to make sure I’d wired it up OK, all good.

Managed to finish work early, so dropped it in for a setup

October 8th 2016

Neck feels fantastic, great shape (feels a bit larger than the usual Fender C shape), the satin finish from Rich […]

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Custom ‘Chloe’ Flying V

April 30th 2015

Following on from the success of the Explorer project and having a spare Chloe inlay, I felt I had no choice ?

Same kind of specs as the explorer:

7 ply binding on the body
White binding on the neck
Ebony board with block inlays
Ebony overlay on the headstock with 5 ply binding
TOM bridge and Stop tail piece setup

It’s again going to be Alpine White with gold hardware, pickups etc.. yet to be decided, I think Ash (Oil City Pickups) might be hearing from me again though

I’ll not bother ordering up tuners etc.. before the kit turns up, which I suspect is 6 weeks+ away, the project will be a slow burner too, I’m saving any spare money (Ha!) for a house deposit.

Anyway, this is the current mockup, I really don’t like the official Gibson Custom V look, so having a go at what I think it should look like.

The pick guard will be fully decided once the wood arrives, I’ll make my own layout again and get it made up. Same with the truss rod cover, might go more traditional V, or maybe replicate the split diamond one I did for the explorer.

Progress so far:
Kit order placed
Tone Pro’s locking bridge and tailpiece (gold!) placed
Other than mistyping my name (I’ve been called worse), the build sheet is confirmed – Current estimate is 4 weeks.

June 23rd 2015

Holy. Shit.

Due to leave Canada tomorrow

July 13th 2015

The kit has arrived (despite being delayed in France due to industrial action at the chunnel!!) – Only had a very quick look at work, but the quality is fantastic, some more detailed pictures later or maybe tomorrow, depending on when I get time:

Some more detailed shots, very impressed (again) with the Precision kits!

July 16th […]

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Pink Paisley Tele build

August 7th 2014

Always fancied a Pink Paisley, I started searching for them again after seeing the one for sale on here and found out that Allparts make a licensed PP body

More searching later, the UK price was £600+, I ordered via eBay one of the USA sellers, after paying VAT on it today, it came to just under £400, which is still a lot, but the quality is amazing!

Here it is as it arrived, next to a very special neck (it’s like a piece of art!) I got from GSPBASSES as part of a Tele thin line partscaster

Not letting my lack of skill or knowledge get in my way, I started measuring out, ready to drill the holes for the pick guard I’d sourced, bridge and control plate. After measuring / checking the pick guard and bridge layout about 10 times, I was ready for drilling (held steady with lots of masking tape)

Some nervous drilling later

Pretty happy with how it went, the control plate isn’t perfectly straight, but more than good enough!

I got the closest pink I could find mixed up in Halfords today to go on the bottom of the pick guard, but that’s not to be done until I decide what neck to use, as that will likely involve modifying the pick guard with the Dremel to allow a 22 fret neck to fit in place. More on that in a bit.

I then turned the guitar over and fitted the ferrules

So the neck, I originally planned to use an Allparts TMO-C, I bought one and a Wudtone vintage yellow kit, but sadly my impatience and lack of skill originally made a bit of a pigs ear out of it, I’ve recovered most of […]

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Monterey Pop Stratocaster build

September 19th 2015

Following on from a thread I made on TheFretboard forums (Monterey Pop Waterslide graphics), I had a bit of a ‘bee in my bonnet’ about how I could get a decent Monterey Pop inspired Strat.

The initial plan was to source a Strat body, get it painted (by the very talented Ceri Rendall) up to the pre clear layer, get it posted back, I’d get a local arty friend to paint it by hand, then ship it back to Rich to get it clear coated.

With a price for the spraying agreed, I sourced a Strat body from here, very rough round the edges, but a decent price with the bridge etc..

I got this shipped over to Rich and then started looking out for a neck, before even trying to see what was around, I pinged a message to GSPBASSES as luck would have it, he had two Strat necks available

The obvious downside (for this build) were the big headstocks, Grahame was confident he could get it to the ‘normal’ shape, so I picked neck 2 (22 fret top adjustable truss rod), Grahame worked his magic and adjusted the headstock

Neck paid for, I then ordered up the vintage yellow Wudtone kit (after posting on here for examples of it being used).

In the middle of this, myself and Rich were talking via email and he fancied having a go at doing the Monterey graphics, the original plan was to free hand, then Rich saw the graphics I’d done and we went back to the waterslide route, but with the colour sections hand painted in (so the blues would show up properly).

So, graphics sent to Rich, also bought a new scratch plate and some paint from the Warhammer […]

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